Third in my Valentine series. Simply Banga rice

Valentine Day 3
The third in my valentine series is Banga rice. Or rice ná ofé akwu.
I love this dish because it reminds me of home in delta state, Nigeria. It is a sort of one pot “No mess” meal. So if you are not sure of what to cook for you and your valentine, but are trying to stay true to Nigerian cooking, this is the meal for you. The beauty of it is, you get to add all the seasonings and ingredients at once. No need to fry, dry, and rye anything…oh just kidding let’s get to the how!

Banga rice
*2cups of basmati rice
*beef or chicken stock (any stock works)
*a cup of palm nut cream
*1tsp of dry pepper
*1 Ata-rodo(chopped or blended)
*chopped/sliced onion
*1tbsp of cray fish
*1packet of banga soup spices
*oburumbembe stick
*a handfull of dry/smoked prawns(soaked in warm water)
*Basil or scent leaves
*knorr or maggi crayfish (optional)

1. Wash rice until it runs clear; then set aside.
2. Pour your palmnut cream into a cooking pot. Add meat stock and all the ingredients. Yes all the ingredients! Well except the basil leaves.
Bring everything to a boil and stir in rice. Check for seasonings. Bring pot to another boil; then reduce the heat and cover tightly. Let the rice cook and absorb the liquids and spices. Rice should cook until aldente (ie not too soft and not too hard)
3. After rice is cooked, stir in some basil or scent leaves and let it rest.

Garnish with basil or scent leaves, and serve with garlic grilled shrimp or prawns, and onions

For the shrimp. Season with salt, red pepper flakes(or crushed ata-rodo), garlic powder or paste and a drizzle of olive oil.  Grill until pink and serve with rice.


Happy Valentine’s day!
Love and Happiness is yours.
May the force be with you.



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