Catfish and prawn peppersoup

Cat fish and prawn pepper soup
I kind of came down with a cold and I was so upset with myself as I was not getting enough sleep. I decided to kind of treat my body to some heat. Immediately I remembered the peppersoup dish one of my followers sent me. Soooo, I decided to make some for myself

For this recipe you will need
*One whole cat fish
*Atrarodo (I used a large one. You may add more according to your taste or tolerance for heat)
*Onion(dice just a hand full)
*Fresh prawns
*Basil or scent leaves
*Ehuru (about six pods)
*Pepper soup mix(this is usually sold at any African shop or at the market)
*knorr (optional)

In a bowl, set your cat fish and pour in some hot water to form. Let it sit for a few minutes; then drain. With a knife, scrape the slime off. Do this with each piece and set aside.
Wash your prawns and also set aside along with the cat fish

Roast/toast your ehuru seeds over open flame or in a pan

Finely blend it with a handfull of onions and your atarodo then pour the mixture along with an abundance of pepper soup spice unto the fish and prawns. Season with salt and mix well without breaking the fish and let it marinate for about an hour. (I let it marinate over night sometimes). The more it marinatea, the better the fish would taste.


After the catfish and prawns mix have marinated, pour only the cat fish into a cooking pot and pour in some water to the level of the fish. Check for seasonings(you may add your knorr at this point or during marinade. The choice is yours) and let it come to a boil using low heat. Once the fish is done, add your prawns, utazi leaves and crayfish at the end. Gently shake the pot gradually to combine *do not stir, as you could break the fish. Once the prawns are pink. Set the pot aside to rest before serving.

I served mine with rice, cooked with peas and carrots, a handfull of green onion, and basil. You may use shallots if you have some.

I had mine with grilled plantains


Bon a petite




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