Eureka! Ogbono and palm nut cream

So I had been so into my emotions about food blogging. I even slipped into depression not quite long ago, but I finally got the courage to do it.
I had always thought that it was just impossible because most Nigerian recipes are almost always the same. But as a friend and sister told me, “all recipes are recycled and ever green”
So, after my successful experiment with egusi and palm nut cream, I felt encouraged to try this very recipe. Ogbono, okra, and palm nut cream.
 Without further ado.
For this recipe you would need
*goat meat about 5-6 pieces
*rodo (1).
*dry pepper (1/2-1tbsp).
*dawadawa (1disc finely grinded)
*salt as needed.
*crayfish (3tbsps)…you may eyeball this one. I usually add more.
*Onion(a handful of diced onion to steam the meat).
*Seasoning cubes(optional).
*Stock fish.
*Okra (chopped). You may use any vegetable of your choice if you do not like okra. You may use ugu, bitter leaf, spinach etc. I like Okra as a vegetable so I use a lot of it
*Dry fish(cleaned and shredded).
*Palmnut cream (1-2cooking spoons).
*Grinded Ogbono (about) one cup
*Uziza (about half of a tbsp).
*Smoked turkey(boiled and skinned to reduce salt level).

In a pot season your goat meat and stock fish with salt, crushed fresh rodo, dawadawa, crayfish, and add your seasoning cubes if using any. Pour water to the level of the goat meat and cook on medium heat until almost tender; then add your palm nut cream and bring to another boil until the meat is tender. Add a couple of spoons of the meat stock into the grinded ogbono and mix, making sure it kind of melts into a paste; then add it into the pot with the meat and stock fish. Stir to combine and set the heat on low. Check for seasonings and let it cook on low for about 10minutes

Meanwhile, chop your okra into tiny pieces.

Add your dry grinded pepper, dry fish, and smoked turkey into the now bubbling pot and let it cook for another 3-5minutes. Add your okra and uziza as the last particulars. Stir and after about 2minutes, set aside to rest before serving.

You may enjoy with any swallow(not the bird 😂) of your choice
As I am working on staying fit, I enjoyed mine with bulgur fufu. Click here for that recipe.

*Ps: Do not over cook the okra in the soup. You want it to retain some crunch. There is absolutely nothing appealing about over cooked okra.

Also, I used dawadawa, crayfish, and salt only as a natural seasoning You may add your seasoning cubes if you want to.

This is what dawadawa looks like






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