Game day jollof spaghetti and tangy chicken wings

So it was friday morning and I woke up quite early and with a start. I had a mild, sweet and tangy hot sauce mix on my mind. I have a line of signature hot sauces/dips and I wanted just one more that was not tomatoe based for other meats and fish dishes. I actually came up with two, but I shall share only one for now. While I was mixing a way I had the opportunity to talk with a woman who makes me laugh and smile, her name is Kemi. Well, well we kind of share somethings in common and for the first time we spoke. I remember her saying “I hope I am not disturbing you o. I hear cooking.” Sisi Kemi, your ear sharp no be small 😂

Well while I was talking to Sisi Kemi, as I call her, I was mixing away and Eureka! (My favourite kitchen slang) my sauce was born. In fact, I had two at once. I used one of it for some chicken wings which went well with one of my jollof spaghetti or “supergetti” dishes (as I used to call it while I was little). I have a couple of more spaghetti dishes which I shall share later on here

Let’s get right to how I made this version

For the chicken wings:
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes or crushed atarodo (whichever you have)
Oil for frying *optional

For the wing sauce:
Melted butter
worcestershire sauce
Garlic powder or freshly grated garlic
A dash of sesame oil
Dry grinded pepper
Chopped Green onion or scallions

For the spaghetti, I used a sofrito base. Sofrito simply means a savory sauce made with tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, and herbs. And for my own sofrito base I used
Sweet carrots, atarodo(habanero pepper), onion,  any color of bell peppers, and tomatoes
Tomato paste (diluted with some meat stock to reduce it’s tangy taste and concentration)
Cooking oil
Chicken broth
Seasoning cubes(optional)
Basil or Scent leaves

Please eye ball your measurements. I never really measure (I promise to start soon)

Before you start, blend some onion, tomatoes peppers, and sweet carrots and set aside.

For chicken. Preheat oven or oil. If using oven, 350 degrees is okay. I used the oven as it is a more healthier method. Moving along.
Season chicken with salt and peppers then toss and set aside to marinade while oven gets hot

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the sauce  and set aside (you may refridgerate it to rest)


Place chicken on a none stick pan or a griddle that can go in the oven and grill until done and lightly brown with a crust. If you are frying the wings, fry until done and lightly brown. Then toss in the bowl with the sauce mix


For my spaghetti I cooked it according to package directions which involved boiling a copious amount of water. Add a pinch of salt and oil once water boils(I used olive oil) then cook spaghetti uncovered on medium heat until aldente). Decant and save some of the water in which the pasta was cooked(about 3tbsps. I will tell you why later); then drain the pasta while running cold water through it to stop the cooking.


In a cooking pot, heat some oil, add some chopped onion and stir fry until translucent. Add in some grated garlic and ginger (for aromats) stir fry quickly(to prevent burning the garlic) and once you can smell the spices (ie ginger and garlic) you added, add the blended carrots and pepper mix and season with curry, thyme, and salt. Fry like you would a Nigerian fried stew until the oil floats to the top. At this point, add a little stock to taste and fry again until the oil floats to the top. Check for seasonings(If you dont have any stock, season with salt and or any other seasonings you desire. I usually stick to salt as I almost always have some meat broth)


Pour the now cooled pasta into an empty pot.
Pour your cooked tomato sauce into it.
Remember that pasta water you saved? Pour it into the pasta along with a tiny handfull of basil or scent leaves(do not add too much of the cooked pasta water. A few tbsps is fine). The pasta water helps to tie the taste of your sauce and pasta together. That way you don’t taste one side of pasta and another side of sauce 🙂
Add some freshly grated nut meg. I love nut meg, it is one of my to go spice. I think I put it in everything.

Serve spaghetti with the chicken wings and some finely diced green onion or scallions


You may serve the wings alone as your game day food…super bowl game day(woohoo) food or for you Premier league lovers…it goes well with any dipping sauce you would like with it






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