Game day…easy toastadas

I am what you call a  #LazyChef
I dont’t think cooking should cost an arm and a leg nor should it burn out a person. For me, it is fun…hence a profession to reckon with

This was just the perfect to go recipe. I had to make it my own. It is low fat, low calorie and the way the tastes marry each other is divine

Open drain and wash a can of black beans. Mash a little and mix with some cilantro and salsa (you may make your own home made salsa by roughly blending chopped tomatoes, onion, cilantro, chile peppers, and garlic in a blender or food processor, along with chopped sweet peppers. Season wi th salt and pepper)

Dice tomatoes, and an avocado.
Chop some cilantro
Mix all with lime juice and set aside

Chop some chicken or use the ground (mince) meat and cook in a sauce pan with little oil or pan spray season with garlic, cumin and salt

Get already made small round taco shell which has been toasted or toast in oven at 400 for 6minutes until a little hard(i used corn shells). Remove from oven and set aside wrapped in a warm cloth

On the warm taco shell, arrange your spread like so

Spread beans, place cooked chicken on top with some cheese. Place in oven to melt cheese
Remove and top with the cool dressing and some sour cream






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