Chinese style fried rice using bulgur

The name fried rice comes from the method, which involves the use of a high temperature and a high temperature oil eg peanut oil and frying the rice over high heat.

As per #fitfam, I like to use olive or sunflower oil

I was craving some fried rice, and a friend Monica had posted a recipe which looked quite similar to my recipe but for the sesame seeds and ginger.

I went looking for the recipe and could not find it, but before she could repost it, I had already done it from memory, tweaking, and combining both recipes

I will state the differences…
I used bulgur, two different soy sauces (dark and light), the use of basil, and turkey. You many use shrimp, beef, pork, or even a combination of both

Here is what you will need
Bulgur or any long grain rice
Sesame seed oil
Ginger(Monica’s option)
Sesame seeds(Monicas option and optional)
Dark and lighy soy sauces
A pinch of salt
Sun flower oil
One or two eggs. Depending on how much fried rice you are making
One chili pepper (deseeded)
Sweet carrots
Sweet peas
Black pepper
Chopped almonds (optional)

Here is how I went about it…
Cook your rice first (if using basmati rice, I never preboil. Just wash until the water runs clear then cook, or you may use the regular rice where you can preboil. Refridgerate your cooked rice a day to the day you would be making the fried rice or you may use immediately…just cook and spread it out on a flat sheet pan and refrigerate or air out to cool it down)

From google “The key to good fried rice is having cold day-old rice in the fridge: not only does this mean the stir-fry comes together in a snap but it guarantees fried rice with the perfect chewy-tender texture.”)

In a wok, I heated some sun flower oil and poured a whisked egg into the hot oil making a scrambled egg. I quickly put the cooked egg into a bowl and poured some more oil into the wok(if you still have oil in the wok then don’t add anymore) and poured in a hand full of chopped turkey, stir fry frequently until slightly brown, add in your onion and keep stirring until transluscent. Add some chopped or shaved garlic and shaved ginger. Keep stir frying until fragrant. Pour in your chopped chili pepper, carrots, and sweet peas. Add your eggs, a pinch of salt and your soy sauces. Pour in your rice or bulgur and keep stirring(becareful and stir gently so as not to break the bulgur or the rice) Check for seasonings and add some more soy sauce to taste. Sprinkle on some sesame seeds or chopped almonds, black pepper, and a tsp of sesame seed oil. Garnish with basil and let the rice rest for about 3-5minutes then serve.





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