Egusi soup and roasted fish with a touch of uziza

I grew up watching my mother cook. Oh how I disliked it. But I have a lot of memories of her cooking, including my dad. I remember my mother making egusi with tomatoes and peppers. And I know my add added some kind of thickner to his…normally achi (daddy’s recipe coming soon). I wanted some egusi soup with something different to it. So after conversation with a friend about using uziza in egusi soup, I decided to try it as it sounded quite interesting. I had always used a sprinkle of utazi, but uziza sounded brilliant.
So I present to you, my two vegetable Egusi and roasted fish with a sprinkle of uziza…
Thank you Lady Anuli for the uziza tip
Fresh fish (preferrably mackerel)
Palm oil
Plum tomatoes
Red bell pepper
Seasoning cube (optional)
Spinach (I used a bag of defrosted spinach. I squeezed the water out before using)
One small onion

Season fish with salt and pepper then roast slowly without over drying.

Blend peppers(tatase and atarodo), onions and tomatoes then boil out the excess water if any.

Blend your egusi into a smooth and slightly thick paste. If your egusi has already been blended; then add some water and make a paste

Heat up some palm oil, pour in some crayfish and tomato mix. Fry until the oil floats to the top and looks clear. Then add dollops of your egusi paste and let it fry. Once the bottom is fried; flip (it may not flip like a pancake but it’s okay). After about 3minutes, stir everything together. keep stiring until the egusi and tomato mix looks like scrambled eggs then add your meat stock or water (if using meat, then add your meat and meat stock at this point)and check for seasonings. Add some dry pepper and let it cook on medium heat for about 5-10minutes on low heat(the dry pepper marries well with the other peppers and causes an amazing burst of flavours); then add your vegetables. I used okazi and spinach(these are both ideas of my parents. My dad liked egusi with achi and okazi, my mom liked it with ugu, bitter leaf, or water leaves. I didn’t have ugu or water leaves so I used spinach)…then add some uziza leaves and stir. Following the vegetables, add your roasted fish and dry fish(if using a tougher version of dry fish, then add it earlier when you add the meat stock or water). check for seasonings and shake the pot a little(dont stir so that you don’t break the fish)…after about 3-5 minutes set aside and serve when slightly cooled and fish must have soaked the juices of the soup

Please cook on low to medium heat to avoid burning






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