A blissful discovery. Egusi Na’Akwu (Egusi with palm nut cream)

I remember first sharing the finished picture to this recipe on my personal facebook page and on a facebook group(so you think you can cook…sytycc). It has now become a big hit with a lot of people around me. It all started one day, I waltzed into my kitchen looking to cook some egusi soup. I blended the egusi seeds and went to fetch some oil in my pantry…lo and behold there was none “no way jose” I said quietly to myself. I kept searching and I found a can of palm nut cream. What would it hurt, I am too lazy of a chef to start hassling myself for oil and we all know that savory does not have to cost an arm and a leg right? After all I use it for ogbono soup, yes you first heard it here. I use palm nut cream for ogbono soup sometimes…yes I can see the look on your face. Not to worry, my recipe would be coming soon I decided to go for the palm nut cream with egusi and here was how: For this recipe you would need Egusi(blend or mix into a paste with crayfish) Palm nut cream(for two cups of egusi, 2 cooking spoons of the palm nut cream will work just fine) Atarodo Dry pepper Salt Any meat of your choice (I used chicken) Dry fish Stock fish Crayfish Spinach or water leaf( I used a bag of frozen spinach and I just squeezed the water out after defrosting) Knorr (for meat stock) or any other type of cube. I use a special one which I shall share later Cameroon pepper (optional for meat stock. A tsp will work just fine) A small Onion (optional for meat stock only) Procedure: Wash your meats and place in a pot along with the stock fish, freshly crushed atarodo, crayfish, cameroon pepper (if you enjoy a lot of heat),and salt(do not add water at this point) Let the meat cook on medium heat until the water has kind of dried out; then add water enough to cover the meat and stock fish and reseason adding your seasoning cubes, taste and let the meat cook until tender. image In another pot and on low heat pour your palm nut cream and egusi mix and stir for about 3minutes. Pour in your meat stock (please eye ball the mixture so as not to make it too watery), and add your dry fish. Let it cook uncovered on medium to low heat for about 10minutes. Add your spinach(I always use spinach in place of water leaf whenever I cannot find any water leaf), stir, and check for seasonings. You may add some dry pepper at this point to tie the taste of the soup together. image Serve with rice, yam or any swallow(not the bird) of your choice #DineExquisitelyAfrican #ChefNma #ExquisitelyGolden #LazyChef #StayingTrueToNigerianCooking #YumYumInYourTummy Nmajewel #chefnma


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