The fried rice that brought and satisfied a decade missed of my mother’s love

I didnt want to blog about food but for this one I shall as it is special.
I had not seen my mother in a decade and it felt like forever. Life had me doing a whole lot and she was kept busy too…she finally paid a visit and there at the airport I saw my mother “Mommy!” I screamed…”Nmam!” She said excitedly as she grabbed and felt for my entire body; then she grabbed my children, touching them from head to toe. For the both of us, it felt so surreal…Mommy stayed for some weeks and I treated her to her own recipes. She was even so suprised as I grew up not really liking cooking. I only made “supergetti” for my brothers and native rice. I also made daddy’s okra; “oiless okra ie

Moving on, one really beautiful afternoon, I wanted to make mommy some fried rice. She watched me as I juggled with the ingredients and the kids and she said “Nma, bia kam’mu mé yá. I starred at her and whispered “No mommy, go and sit. I will do it.” She smiled and replied “you forget I am a chef. Let me do it.” And folks, that was how mommy made her special fried rice. I don’t even think I do it justice enough.

Due to popular demand on my facebook page on how to make the typical Nigerian fried rice, I decided to do this quick tutorial.
The name fried rice comes from the method in which the rice is cooked using a high temperature and a high temoerature oil eg peanut oil. For this recipe, I used the following ingredients:

*One whole corn; shelled and peeled using a fruit peeler or you may use one can of natural whole kernel corn rinsed and drained.
*Fresh sweet peas or one can of naturally sweet peas; rinsed and drained.
*Green beans. Snapped and cut diagonally (or which ever way you like it cut)
*Carrots washed with a strong clothe and diced. (Do not scrape your carrots or you may loose some of the nutrients. Wash with a strong clothe)
*sweet onion cut into thin slices
*liver (beef liver)
*Chicken tighs. Diced.(Mommy used shrimp, but I did not have any shrimp and I am one #LazyChef who doesn’t like to sweat ingredients along with the fact that we all know that “savory doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg,” so I used chicken)
*high tempereature oil. You may use peanut oil, but I settled for sun flower oil.
*Cabbage, finely sliced or grate with a grater (picture has been attached)


*Regular long grain rice


*Chicken or beef stock
*Curry, thyme, freshly grated nutmeg, salt, and garlic (garlic is optional)
*Seasoning cube(optional)
Red pepper flakes or chopped atarodo (remove the seeds to reduce the heat)
In a pot, wash and bring liver to a boil. Wash and drain again; then cook with salt (mommy says always precook offals). When cooked, chop and set aside

Season chicken tighs (I used chicken tighs as they are most flavourful. Cut around the bone if not deboned and season with salt, pepper, and thyme then let it marinade while you prepare the other ingredients.)

Prepare all your vegetables(chop away at this stage) and set aside

Wash rice until the water runs clear; then pre boil and drain (run cold water over it while draining to stop it from cooking); put back in a pot with meat stock (I shall do a different tutorial for making stock), season with curry (not too much, just to taste. We don’t want curry tasting fried rice or a fried rice that looks as green as the Nigerian flag…*laughs), thyme, and salt as needed. Bring rice to a boil and reduce heat, cover to cook until aldente (it should have a bite to it)
While rice is cooking, in a wok heat some oil and fry your chicken stiring constantly to prevent burning. When the chicken is well browned. Remove and drain unto a peper towel; then pour in the liver and cook until browned all over as well. At this point check on your rice making sure its done(aldente…keeping some bite to it)
*Note that you can grill the chicken and livers instead of frying(just a healthier option)

In a wok, heat some more oil (please eye ball your oil measurements. Do not use too much oil) When oil becomes quite hot throw in your onions (be ready to do this stage quickly), when the onion is almost becoming transluscent and you can smell it, throw in your green beans, stirring constantly, then the carrots, peas and corn. Stir fry for just a few minutes(it’s safer to say 3 minutes. You want the veggies to retain it’s crunch); then throw in your cabbage, check for seasonings while adding some thyme (I love thyme:)) and  constantly stirring, add your rice in small increments until each grain is coated with the veggies and oil. Check for seasonings again and at the end you may add some grated garlic for aromats, I used nut meg instead; then serve.







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