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I write about love, life and food and the new year greets with a recipe which I really love. Plantain cups! and tostadas
I am a long suffering chef who pretty much has to teach herself everything. I can have different recipes for one kind of food because I taught myself most of what I know, but I have to say the basics of what I know comes from my mother who is a retired chef. I hated cooking as a child and it mad me so mad when father(GOD rest his soul) had me cook his okra soups…”this man dun start again.” I would mumble to myself. I had to cut those suckers with a knife and my fingers and they would look so raw. I only just learnt to use a band aid…and thank GOD for the blender/chopper. The only thing I probably knew how to cook was native/local jollof rice and “supergetti ” and dry fish; which my brothers loved but I have to say history has been made in my kitchen. A really tiny space “where the magic happens”
It takes me a while to get to certain recipes and it took me age of wondes to get to this. My first time trying it was two days ago. I had let the plantain sit for some days as I had thought to myself “the riper the better…how wrong was I? Oh totally wrong! The plantain was a total mess and I felt angry at myself. I decided to do more research on tostones and plantain cups. Well I did it once more and it was absolutely delicious. You may make it baked/grilled if you choose to.
I present to you my plantain cups and the flat ones are tostones topped with home made guacomole and chopped seafood. This dish is just bursting with flavours. I made parts of it an original by adding just a pinch of ehuru…once more… Spanish meets Nigerian

Medium ripe plantain. (If you can feel on it and it feels too soft then you need one that is not too ripe).

One ehuru seed (optional)
One ripe avocado
one chili(remove the seeds)
Finely chopped onion(a really small one)
Finely chopped cilantro
One lime or lemon
Oil for frying
A pinch of salt
A tomato (optional to remove seeds)

In a bowl remove and mash the avocado. Add the tomatoes, chili, salt, cilantro, onion, a squeeze of a lime or lemon and place in a refridgerator.

Wash and peel your plantain. Cut into one inch cylinders. Mean while heat some oil and fry each side of the plantain(a minute on each side just go get it brown) and promptly remove; placing it on a paper towel. Using a lemon squeezer or a small spoon you can press them into cups or use a tostonera. You may also make some flat if you choose.

Put this back into the hot oil and refry or at this point place them in the oven or on a grill. When it is done and brown to your taste remove from heat and sprinkle a pinch of salt (though optional) and set aside

Devein and chop your shrimp and seafood, sprinkle a pinch of salt and ehuru(ehuru is optional) Heat some butter and toss in some chopped onion and sauté for a few minutes and remove from heat

On the tostones place some of the avocado dip, and top with seafood, some chopped onion, chopped cilantro and tomatoes and serve. The warmth of the tostones and coolness and spices in the avocado dip along with the warm topping will send your taste buds to foodie heaven!

This dish can be used as an appetizer or a main dish with seafood and fresh salad as a side.

May this Newyear bring us joy peace and give us more exciting things.

Psalm 50:12






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