Association is not by force

So once again I am errrm…sort of angry.
Just days ago some one asked on a social network site and I think it was “what did the world say you would be?” Or something like that. Anyway, that one question provoked a lot of thoughts within me. I always say how I am a work in progress and I have had quite a few people tell me things that did not seem good about me or what I do. These things have ranged from my hair to my cooking. Some people think they have all the right to tell you why you are a certain way, and what to do or not to do. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in giving advice, but at the rate people dish out their opinions and expect the other person to just jump on it amazes me beyond belief

No human being, especially without being asked has any right to tell another human being what is bad about them and how they can fix it…it is really ANNOYING. You have no right to pull another person down, if you have nothing nice or encouraging to say; then say absolutely nothing.

Some people have been told how they will not amount to anything, some have been called all kinds of names (me inclusive), but these advisers forget that while they do these evil in form of an advice, they are tearing down a human being and creating a monster; then when the person “monster” over reacts they begin to fidget, rant, and complain like they didn’t know what led the person to over reacting…some human beings are just impossible.

To the one who has been called out of their name, to the one who has been told “you are not good enough,” to the one who has been torn down, to the one who has been called ugly, to the one who has been told “you are incapable,” to the one who has been told “you cannot be loved,” or “you are not worth it.”  Know today that you are who GOD says you are,  you are good enough, you are beautiful/handsome beyond imagination, you can do all things, you are worth every sweat, you are worth love, you are a child of the most high. It is no one’s right to tell you about yourself when you have your own tongue to speak into your life. I don’t know why we give other people such right to say certain things to/about us when we have our own tongues to speak positivity into our lives.

Recently, I went for a function with a friend and I kind of had my colors on as I felt like dressing up the way I felt on the inside on that day. I showed a friend of mine the pictures I took and they said oh why did you dress like this, these colors are not right, you look like a rainbow, your hair cut is not nice, your head is big…”imagine, chai I dun suffer for some people hand o.” Well, I had to stop the person from talking and I said “do you realize I knew what I was doing when I shaved my hair and dressed like a rainbow. To me, the colors match so please keep it moving by changing the subject.” It felt good to say those words.
Nobody has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. If they do not like who you are then adi’os! No association is by force…not one…

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me



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