The ajebutters of my everything.

“Beans!” those were the words she screamed.

That was my ajebutter 1.I love to cook and she with ajebutter 2 enjoy my cooking. They call me chef and it is such an honor.

I wanna talk about the joys of motherhood.

I remember talking to someone about childbirth. They say you forget the pain, hahaha I never really do. I guilt my kids with it just like most Nigerian mothers would do and I would say “I carried you in my womb for 9 months with 6hours of labor.” Now my daughter just looks at me and smiles but her brother always cries and says “Im soyi mommy.” It was the same situation with the beans…After telling them why they should eat because of how much labor pain I suffered, they came into the kitchen bearing empty plates and the beans was not in the trash this time…it was in their little stomachs. I could hear angels singing the kitchen rendition of hallelujah…if you are a cook like me you would know the kitchen rendition of that song when something with your kitchen goes well!

Being a mom has taught me a lot of things. When my ajebutters do certain things which I see as naughty I always ask…what were you thinking…It is so easy for us as adults to forget the kind of brains that kids have. My daughter always asks me mommy you seem to know when I do something that is not so nice…how do you always know…I go “I am mom…mommies know almost everything if not everything.”

I have a close relationship with my kids and I call them the ajebutter of my everything. I remember them being in my tummy, for the first one I always read and sang and talked to her. She seemed to always be asleep and get this…when I was pregnant she would move as in a giggle each time I laughed. With her pregnancy I had to laugh a lot as I was in a weird place with my emotions. I literally went to the library and had them loan to me the entire seasons of Seinfeld. So I laughed a lot…and she giggled a lot as if she understood my reason for laughing. With my son he was always up at night…and slept through the day. At night time he would kick and squirm and move…I always knew where his feet was and I would rub my fingers against his foot and he would seem calm. I never knew all these things I did while pregnant with them would make us have the closeness we have with each other. I have made a decision to live and enjoy my ajebutters. They give me a reason to live, love, and laugh. They have a way of seeing through my moods and making me feel worth every good thing. I have had days where I would sometimes sit and wonder and all I would hear were mommy I love you and a silava filled kiss on my cheeks would make my whole day…I ask how do these kids know I needed that kiss, that hug, those words “I love you”…The joy!

Children are a privilege…the Bible says that children are like weapons in the hands of a warrior…guess what, for cooks like me they make good taste testers too.

So it’s not going to be beans day for another month. Until then I have to look for child friendly recipes…I think the stew did it for me this time…because they both love stew.



4 thoughts on “The ajebutters of my everything.”

  1. The joy of being a mom is priceless, especially when you have a good rapper with your kids. Be glad for many people don’t have what you have. Keep the foodie obsession coming. Bravo xoxo

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