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Third in my Valentine series. Simply Banga rice

Valentine Day 3
The third in my valentine series is Banga rice. Or rice ná ofé akwu.
I love this dish because it reminds me of home in delta state, Nigeria. It is a sort of one pot “No mess” meal. So if you are not sure of what to cook for you and your valentine, but are trying to stay true to Nigerian cooking, this is the meal for you. The beauty of it is, you get to add all the seasonings and ingredients at once. No need to fry, dry, and rye anything…oh just kidding let’s get to the how!

Banga rice
*2cups of basmati rice
*beef or chicken stock (any stock works)
*a cup of palm nut cream
*1tsp of dry pepper
*1 Ata-rodo(chopped or blended)
*chopped/sliced onion
*1tbsp of cray fish
*1packet of banga soup spices
*oburumbembe stick
*a handfull of dry/smoked prawns(soaked in warm water)
*Basil or scent leaves
*knorr or maggi crayfish (optional)

1. Wash rice until it runs clear; then set aside.
2. Pour your palmnut cream into a cooking pot. Add meat stock and all the ingredients. Yes all the ingredients! Well except the basil leaves.
Bring everything to a boil and stir in rice. Check for seasonings. Bring pot to another boil; then reduce the heat and cover tightly. Let the rice cook and absorb the liquids and spices. Rice should cook until aldente (ie not too soft and not too hard)
3. After rice is cooked, stir in some basil or scent leaves and let it rest.

Garnish with basil or scent leaves, and serve with garlic grilled shrimp or prawns, and onions

For the shrimp. Season with salt, red pepper flakes(or crushed ata-rodo), garlic powder or paste and a drizzle of olive oil.  Grill until pink and serve with rice.


Happy Valentine’s day!
Love and Happiness is yours.
May the force be with you.


Valentine’s (pt2)…My sweeter than banana sweet potato mash

So, after doing the big dinner and featuring on!). I decided to do a little more.
I went into my kitchen and tada! I found some sweet potatoes, so I decided to whip up a sweet sweet potato mash. So if you are really not sure what to make for Valentine’s, or you just don’t have the time to cook, this is really an easy one to two person dinner. It’s not too heavy and you will have room for dessert while you catch a movie.
Come on! It’s valentine. Indulge!

Let’s get right to it.

For this recipe I used the following( you may increase the amount of Ingredients accordingly)
*2 medium to large sweet potatoes (yellow or orange)
*1/2-1cup of milk(for #fitfam you may use fat free to skimmed milk)
*1tbsp of unsalted cooking butter
*a pinch of salt
*a pinch of black pepper
*one medium sized garlic clove(smashed)
*1tsp of maple syrup (optional)
*Green onion or a scallion to garnish and serve.

For the gravy
*2tbsps of butter
*2tbsps of flour
*1tsp of black pepper
*Salt to taste
1/2 a cup of milk

1. Wash sweet potatoes with a strong sponge to remove dirt and dust and cut into tiny pieces.
2. Bring water and salt to boil in a large pot.
3.Add sweet potatoes and cook until soft
4.Puree sweet potatoes in a food processor or mash with a potato masher.
season with all the ingredients. Garnish with green onion or scallions to serve

*Ps…please eye ball how much milk you use, so you do not have a watery mash.

For Gravy:
In a sauce pan. Heat some butter add the flour  and stir quickly to mix and smoothen the flour and butter paste; then pour in your milk to get your desired consistency. Season with black pepper and salt

I served mine with grilled shrimp.
You may serve your’s like I did, or with my game day tangy chicken. Recipe here.


Bon a petite and have a Happy Valentine’s!


Catfish and prawn peppersoup

Cat fish and prawn pepper soup
I kind of came down with a cold and I was so upset with myself as I was not getting enough sleep. I decided to kind of treat my body to some heat. Immediately I remembered the peppersoup dish one of my followers sent me. Soooo, I decided to make some for myself

For this recipe you will need
*One whole cat fish
*Atrarodo (I used a large one. You may add more according to your taste or tolerance for heat)
*Onion(dice just a hand full)
*Fresh prawns
*Basil or scent leaves
*Ehuru (about six pods)
*Pepper soup mix(this is usually sold at any African shop or at the market)
*knorr (optional)

In a bowl, set your cat fish and pour in some hot water to form. Let it sit for a few minutes; then drain. With a knife, scrape the slime off. Do this with each piece and set aside.
Wash your prawns and also set aside along with the cat fish

Roast/toast your ehuru seeds over open flame or in a pan

Finely blend it with a handfull of onions and your atarodo then pour the mixture along with an abundance of pepper soup spice unto the fish and prawns. Season with salt and mix well without breaking the fish and let it marinate for about an hour. (I let it marinate over night sometimes). The more it marinatea, the better the fish would taste.


After the catfish and prawns mix have marinated, pour only the cat fish into a cooking pot and pour in some water to the level of the fish. Check for seasonings(you may add your knorr at this point or during marinade. The choice is yours) and let it come to a boil using low heat. Once the fish is done, add your prawns, utazi leaves and crayfish at the end. Gently shake the pot gradually to combine *do not stir, as you could break the fish. Once the prawns are pink. Set the pot aside to rest before serving.

I served mine with rice, cooked with peas and carrots, a handfull of green onion, and basil. You may use shallots if you have some.

I had mine with grilled plantains


Bon a petite



Eureka! Ogbono and palm nut cream

So I had been so into my emotions about food blogging. I even slipped into depression not quite long ago, but I finally got the courage to do it.
I had always thought that it was just impossible because most Nigerian recipes are almost always the same. But as a friend and sister told me, “all recipes are recycled and ever green”
So, after my successful experiment with egusi and palm nut cream, I felt encouraged to try this very recipe. Ogbono, okra, and palm nut cream.
 Without further ado.
For this recipe you would need
*goat meat about 5-6 pieces
*rodo (1).
*dry pepper (1/2-1tbsp).
*dawadawa (1disc finely grinded)
*salt as needed.
*crayfish (3tbsps)…you may eyeball this one. I usually add more.
*Onion(a handful of diced onion to steam the meat).
*Seasoning cubes(optional).
*Stock fish.
*Okra (chopped). You may use any vegetable of your choice if you do not like okra. You may use ugu, bitter leaf, spinach etc. I like Okra as a vegetable so I use a lot of it
*Dry fish(cleaned and shredded).
*Palmnut cream (1-2cooking spoons).
*Grinded Ogbono (about) one cup
*Uziza (about half of a tbsp).
*Smoked turkey(boiled and skinned to reduce salt level).

In a pot season your goat meat and stock fish with salt, crushed fresh rodo, dawadawa, crayfish, and add your seasoning cubes if using any. Pour water to the level of the goat meat and cook on medium heat until almost tender; then add your palm nut cream and bring to another boil until the meat is tender. Add a couple of spoons of the meat stock into the grinded ogbono and mix, making sure it kind of melts into a paste; then add it into the pot with the meat and stock fish. Stir to combine and set the heat on low. Check for seasonings and let it cook on low for about 10minutes

Meanwhile, chop your okra into tiny pieces.

Add your dry grinded pepper, dry fish, and smoked turkey into the now bubbling pot and let it cook for another 3-5minutes. Add your okra and uziza as the last particulars. Stir and after about 2minutes, set aside to rest before serving.

You may enjoy with any swallow(not the bird 😂) of your choice
As I am working on staying fit, I enjoyed mine with bulgur fufu. Click here for that recipe.

*Ps: Do not over cook the okra in the soup. You want it to retain some crunch. There is absolutely nothing appealing about over cooked okra.

Also, I used dawadawa, crayfish, and salt only as a natural seasoning You may add your seasoning cubes if you want to.

This is what dawadawa looks like





Bulgur done turned fufu

I love bulgur and I have made from jollof rice to fried rice, even porridge with it. So I decided in my bored state to try out bulgur fufu and I was inspired!
Let’s get right to it.
You will need
a serving of bulgur
50mls of garri to kind of hold it together
Boiling water
A wooden spoon to stir

Dry blend a serving of bulgur
Boil water
Stir bulgur into water
Add Garri pounded yam, or dry blended oats if not thick enough.